Flexiant announces significant enhancements to next generation cloud platform with FlexiScale 2.1

Flexiant is pleased to announce the latest version of its flagship Infrastructure As A Service offering: FlexiScale 2.1. FlexiScale leading-edge technology enables start-ups and SMEs to grow from one server to one thousand servers in seconds – critical for organisations offering streaming video, social networking or SaaS, and ideal for a wealth of other applications.

Powered by Flexiant’s flagship technology “Extility”, FlexiScale’s pay-as-you-go virtual servers can be up and running, or taken down in less than 60 seconds, ensuring businesses can rapidly shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. With no long-term commitment or capital expenditure, FlexiScale facilitates clear focus on core business activities by reducing time, energy and effort spent on IT provisioning and investment.

Key new features in the 2.1 software release include:

  • Ten additional configurations of virtual servers, bringing the total to sixteen;
  • Up to 8 virtual CPUs per virtual server;
  • A metadata service allowing customers and image vendors to pass a hierarchy of data to virtual servers for dynamic runtime configuration;
  • Support for Cohesive-FT’s VPN-Cubed virtual server images, allowing customer controlled networking across multiple clouds, and between private infrastructure and the clouds.

The release also includes a number of minor features and usability improvements, as well as over a hundred minor bug fixes.

Tony Lucas, Founder of Flexiant, explains: “This release is the first of many incremental enhancements to our FlexiScale products. We know our customers will in particular appreciate the far wider range of RAM and CPU configurations and the metadata service will open up a wide range of new possibilities for image providers and those using our platform for automatic virtual server instantiation.”


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