Flexiant reaches milestone in EU’s €10.5m cloud computing project

Flexiant, a leading cloud software and services company, today announced the successful achievement of the first year milestone in a three year €10.5m pan-European technology project.

Optimis, a high profile project to develop the tools needed to run the next generation of cloud platforms, is being delivered by Europe’s leading cloud experts, a consortium of industrial and academic partners, including Flexiant, ATOS Origin, SAP and British Telecom.

Flexiant’s cloud software Extility is powering a secure test bed environment on which to develop Optimis. A demonstration model, using real life business scenarios, is now live and employs the Extility software platform to show how the end product is likely to work.

Optimis aims to create a toolkit that will break down barriers between cloud platforms and allow infrastructure and service providers to easily move cloud based services between cloud platforms – whether public, private or hybrid.

This facility is critical when providers need extra capacity or have problems with their own services. Additionally, when a single provider has a problem, workloads can be moved elsewhere and users will see no change. New entrants to the market will also have an opportunity to offer extra capacity allowing them to compete with more established providers.

Tony Lucas, Flexiant’s founder explains: “The motivation for Optimis is the vision that hybrid clouds will become commonplace as private clouds interact with a rich ecosystem of public and other cloud providers. Optimis is aimed at enabling companies to automatically move services and applications to trustworthy and auditable cloud providers in the hybrid model. The potential for Optimis is incredible and we are extremely proud to be part of such an exciting project.”

Flexiant launched FlexiScale, Europe’s first cloud computing platform in 2007, and is the longest standing independent cloud provider in the world. Flexiant’s ground breaking software, Extility, allows service providers and data centre operators to deliver cloud computing services to their own customers direct from their own data centre.

Cloud computing allows businesses to lease computing power as and when they need it, rather than having to buy expensive equipment. Businesses use the internet to access computing resource from hosting providers who provide a platform to collect, store and process data. The net effect is to drive down operating and capital expenditure while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each transaction and providing infinite scalability.

Optimis is conducted under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research and technological development. FP7 bundles together all research-related EU initiatives and plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of growth, competitiveness and employment.

Atos (Spain) is the coordinator of the project. The Optimis Consortium includes Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), BT Group (UK), Flexiant (UK), The 451 Group (UK), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany), NTUA (Greece), SAP (UK), the Universities of Umea (Sweden), Stuttgart and Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), City University of London and Leeds (UK) and from June 2011, Arsys (Spain).

For more information, visit the Optimis project website http://www.optimis-project.eu/

About Flexiant

Flexiant is a pioneering cloud computing company providing cloud infrastructure software and services to hosting providers, data centre owners, telecommunications operators and enterprises worldwide.

Its flagship product Extility is the world’s most advanced Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing Software and can be licensed allowing users to build their own cloud and sell cloud services under their own brand.

Flexiant launched FlexiScale, Europe’s first cloud computing platform in 2007, and today is the longest standing independent cloud provider in the world. FlexiScale, showcases the Extility software, illustrating how it enables end users to purchase computing services on a flexible, scalable, automated computing and hosting infrastructure.

Customers can flex their requirements up and down on demand and only pay for the service that they actually use.

For more information contact: Sarah Lee

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