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Tin It Or Bin It – 2 March 2012 – Hashpix

Newly launched, Brooklyn based Hashpix allows you to buy limited edition photos from the best Instagram photographers.

For photography lovers it’s a great (and legal!) way to purchase cool, creative images, and for the photographers, it’s a great platform to make some extra money and showcase some of their best work. You can choose between three sizes of prints and can turn them into posters, postcards, magnets and anything else that takes your fancy.

Founder Jason Culbertson, said: “These fans love their photos, and the photographers should be able to make money by continuing to do what they do every day.”

Photographers just apply through the Hashpix website and submit photos for sale. If chosen, Hashpix just take 30% of profits after the printing costs, with the photographer keeping the rest.

Not everyone can apply though; photographers need to be an active Instagram user and have a large fanbase who interact with their photos.

Hashpix have started out by selling photos from 12 of the most popular Instagram photographers, but as it grows and builds its members it will continue to add more to its roster.

We think this is a great idea and we can’t wait to see more of the collection as it rolls out.

Hashpix is a Tin It.

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