Heriot-Watt and University of Houston join forces to accelerate clean energy solutions

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A landmark agreement between Heriot-Watt and the University of Houston aims to become a global force in combating climate change.

Representatives from each university met in the US in April to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), underscoring a commitment to work together on cutting-edge research as well as provide opportunities for students and staff to participate in international exchange programmes. With a focus on clean energy, the joint agreement aims to address pressing societal challenges with the climate emergency at the forefront.

At the heart of the MoU lies a commitment to advance research that helps society deliver a just energy transition, with a particular emphasis on hydrogen – a critical element in the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

With Heriot-Watt’s expertise in green hydrogen now coupled with Houston’s strong capability in developing solutions, the MoU lays the foundations to accelerate hydrogen technology.

Professor Gillian Murray, deputy principal of Business and Enterprise at Heriot-Watt University, travelled to Houston for the signing where she highlighted the significance of the partnership, emphasising its potential to propel scientific understanding.

She said: “This agreement represents a pivotal milestone in the international development of our Global Research Institutes, forging a new partnership to address the most pressing societal challenges that lie ahead.

“It also opens exciting opportunities not only in scientific endeavour but also for our students to engage in international learning experiences, broaden their perspectives and develop valuable skills for their future careers.

“Through partnership research projects and potential exchange projects, we look forward to nurturing the next generation of leaders who will drive positive change in our interconnected world.”

The MoU signing was marked with a two-day technology workshop involving research academics from both universities.



Ramanan Krishnamoorti, Vice-President for energy and innovation at the University of Houston, said: “I am thrilled to witness the official celebration of our shared commitment to advancing transformative energy solutions.

“Through this partnership, we aim to harness our collective expertise to address pressing energy challenges and drive sustainable innovation on a global scale.”

Heriot-Watt’s global research institute, iNetz+, is dedicated to addressing the climate crisis and is instrumental in driving the University’s contributions towards global net-zero targets.

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