Hot Tin’s Hot Tips: Writer’s block

Every PR’s worst nightmare! Picture the scene: a blank screen staring you in the face while a deadline looms. It’s happened, the big brain freeze of words – writer’s block.

The longest case of ye olde ‘writer’s block’ on record is two months, if you believe our good friends at Quora. But, what if you don’t have the time to spare? In an effort to help our fellow busy content creators through the drought of the block, we’ve compiled some hot tips on how to get out of the funk…

Move away from the screen

The saying goes ‘if you look at the screen for too long, your eyes will go square’. This may be an old wives tale but it’s true that looking at your own work for too long can be paralyzing.

Top cat at HTR, Vickie Henry said, “the one thing that works for me when I have writer’s block is to close whatever I am working on and to come back to it with fresh eyes. Preferably overnight but if not then at least for an hour or so. Coming back to it with a new perspective makes a massive difference when spotting issues with things like structure.

Reading is fundamental

Reading what others have written on the subject may spark creativity. Seeing how others have approached a topic can trigger ideas for new angles, and may also help you see what you might want to avoid. Reading with your critical thinking cap on can kick-start a new style and help get you inspired!

Get the team involved

A team should compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so the chances are there is someone already in the office that is able to grasp the piece you are struggling with.

Our very own Account Manager, Jane Lynchehaun said: “My top tip is to get the team involved. If you are stuck, have a group brainstorm to generate some new ideas and get the creative juices flowing – always helps!”

Have a break, have a…

A hangry writer is a bad one (trust us!) so remember to stay hydrated and nourished.Taking a break to refuel (literally) can make the world of difference. Remember that thing that was making you really angry before you had avocado on toast? Us neither…

Conscious stream

Remember, the piece doesn’t needto be ‘perfect’ straight away. Begin by writing the things that pop into your mind first. This doesn’t have to be used in the finished article but it does get rid of the often-intimidating blank screen.

Once you start, your brain will kick into action, ideas will come and more often than not, you’ll be able to figure out what it is you actually want to say. 

What would [insert idol here] do?

Take it from a completely different standpoint. Think to yourself: what would Coca Cola do?” – take budget and other restraints out of the equation for a moment.

Senior Account Executive, Jasmine Geddes, likes to do this when hitting a hurdle, saying, “Try to visualise the client as a third party. For example, which Spice Girl would they be? This can make tone and voice a lot easier to nail, and then everything else comes together because it takes things back to an objective standpoint.”

Starting over, just do it…

As the great Maya Angelou once said ‘don’t think, just write’.

Sometimes first drafts just don’t hit the nail on the head and instead of trying to rescue the copy, scrap it and start again. It may seem like a backwards step, but progress is not always linear.  

So if you have a bit of writer’s block and would like to bring in a team of experts to tell your brand’s story, you can get in touch with us here. For examples of our previous work, click here.

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