Hot Tips: How to humanise your story for a successful recruitment campaign

Catriona Mackenzie

Catriona Mackenzie

Step by step, how to pull off a successful recruitment campaign

Have you ever organised an event and worried no one is going to come? Most of us know that stress-in-your-stomach feeling of dread, worrying it doesn’t sound interesting, and hoping something better isn’t happening at the same time… 

When it comes to a recruitment campaign launch though, when you have sign-up numbers to meet and deadlines to hit, you just can’t take the risk that “it will be alright on the night.” If you do, your launch could turn into the equivalent of a badly attended party – except this one has your boss attending and asking you – “where is everybody?” 

So how does Hot Tin Roof do it? 


Make the call to action clear

We worked with DecodeME last year to launch the world’s largest genetic study of ME/CFS. The study is looking for 25,000 people living with ME/CFS to participate in a genetic study of this disease to uncover causes and point towards effective treatments.


Personalise the call to action – even if it’s for thousands of people

It was important to humanise this story so that people with ME/CFS who came across it on the news could identify with the story and feel more confident about taking part. 

We included people from the ME/CFS community in telling the story of why this research is so important and why they would participate in the study. To talk about the science behind the study we also offered interviews with the team leading the work. 


Get the timing right and prepare for the unexpected 

Ahead of the official launch date we spent weeks talking to key journalists and providing accurate, reliable information about the study and ME/CFS, and to pitch fresh and relevant news angles. This early groundwork proved essential when Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth passed just days before the launch. Fortunately, despite a packed news agenda, we were able to work with key media contacts to ensure the groundbreaking DecodeME study could still feature in national and local news bulletins. 


Planning the next steps

Within a week of the campaign launch 12,000 people had signed-up to the DecodeME study, with thousands of sign-ups coming directly from links within news coverage. Crucially, the ME/CFS community felt involved, listened to, and understood and have been a valuable resource to help get the message out about the vital study.


If you’re planning a recruitment PR campaign and need consultants with the passion and drive to create the impact you need, get in touch with us – [email protected]

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