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Tin It Or Bin It – 24 February 2012 – Lemon

We are always interested in handy tools that can help us stay organised and keep track of our money, so when we heard about Lemon we were intrigued.

Lemon is a web tool and mobile app that lets you collect and store your paper and email receipts all in one place and is great for people who shop online frequently for business or pleasure.

It enables you to see how much money you spend and what you spend it on. You can even share your business receipts with your accountant, automatically and in real time, which all sounds pretty nifty.

Users can store their receipts via email and by scanning them using their mobiles. The Lemon app will do the rest, and have your receipts turned into analysable files. If your accountant or boss needs exact copies of the receipts, the app can provide a URL for them to download and view the scanned copies.

To create reports, users just go to the Reports section, select the relevant data and Lemon will generate the information you have requested and present it in a chart.

Lemon’s key service of converting your receipts to analysable digital data and storing them is free, however they do offer three premium services that have a monthly subscription fee – Business, Family and Data plans. These options allow you to link up more accounts, view more detailed data analysis and share it all with your accountant.

There are a few issues with Lemon. With the free account, you are not able to add multiple users and you are subjected to ads, however if you upgrade you can combat these issues. Also, it is not an original idea – there are a few similar services out there such as Expensify, Receipt Bank and Shoeboxed.

So Tin It Or Bin It? Lemon is a handy tool to help manage your money and receipts, simply and all in one spot. It can save you a lot of time and potentially even money as you learn how to spend smarter.

This app is a Tin It.

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