My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” #03

Day Three (16/10/13)

Today I finished the rest of the business cards. The updated address book was then exported on a v-card and saved on dropbox, which was imported onto several other computers in the office.

I also finished making all the calls to the publications, bar the last two. I made a lot of progress today and even secured a few lists!

I decided to eat my lunch at my desk so that I could finish off a few tasks. This led to me gaining advice on how to generate content on social media by my fellow colleague, Joe. #Result! (He also taught me how to insert a hashtag on a Mac (alt 3!)).

After lunch, I started to write this blog. I decided a day-by-day approach would appeal more than a general summary, and hopefully it would give fellow aspiring journalists an insight into the PR world – not every stereotype is true. I didn’t make coffee during my internship, not everyone in PR is a girl and PR is not just about hosting events.

This day has been incredibly useful – my colleagues showed me the type of jobs they did on a daily basis and explained to me the importance of it.

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