My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” #04

The penultimate day from Ayah‘s time with us saw her drafting her first Press Release. In case you missed them, here’s days onetwo and three.

Day Four (17/10/13)

Today I continued to write this blog. I think it is really interesting to reflect on my past days. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and writing this blog is a way to immortalise it. It is a way to look back and say, ‘this is what I have done’.

I started (and finished) my first draft of the appointment press release on a new client – a brilliant company who focus on biomedical informatics solutions to manage chronic diseases, or to put in layman’s terms, they invest in research that ultimately save peoples lives. I loved writing the press release. I was able to see how people in PR work by doing the same job that they do on a daily basis. I found it really interesting researching about the company and was able to get a quote from Jen through a short interview. It was fun writing the press release. I just hope the journalists reading it will like it as much as I have.

I then, after collecting clippings of articles, created a PDF document of all the collated media coverage of one of HTR’s clients. It was a little challenging trying to save 13 documents into one file but, with the help of Joe, I was able to do it.

Overall this day was very enjoyable and I had a brilliant time!

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