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Tin It Or Bin It – Friday 13 May 2011 – Name that theorem

Hot Tin Roof has been looking into the brilliant and unique TheoryMine this week, which lets you name a personalised, newly discovered and totally unique mathematical theorem after a loved one, teacher, friend or even yourself (for the egotistical people out there). For only £15 a pop you can be rubbing shoulders (metaphorically of course) with Pythagoras and Fermat. Amazing.

The newly discovered theorem is generated by one of the world’s most advanced computerised theorem provers. TheoryMine is a spin-out company from the University of Edinburgh and was created by Italian mathematician, Flaminia Cavallo, one of the country’s leading young scientists.

It’s the perfect present for the maths geek in the family or anyone who is struggling to find something a bit different for their loved ones. There is certainly nothing else like it and it is a very interesting concept, so we say TIN IT. We even think a Hot Tin Roof mathematical theorem might be on the cards…watch this space.

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