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Katy Birchall

At Hot Tin Roof, our success is fuelled by the extraordinary individuals who make up our team. Each team member brings a distinct blend of talents, experiences, and passions to the table, enabling us to craft exceptional solutions for our clients while driving positive change in the world around us. 

In our ongoing “Meet the Team” series, we’re pleased to shine the spotlight on Chirene Campbell, one of our talented Account Managers at Hot Tin Roof.

Chirene is an eloquent communicator with a keen strategic mindset, translating our clients’ visions into impactful campaigns. Chirene’s superpower lies in her unwavering commitment to client success, building strong relationships founded on trust and collaboration.

Chirene is a true asset to our team, and we’re excited to have her on board as we continue our mission to drive purpose-led campaigns that make a lasting impact.

Q.1 What is your favourite book?

I absolutely love Terry Pratchett and have read his Discworld series about three times already. The humour, colourful characters and great storytelling never gets old. I also enjoy anything from Ken Follett or Steven King.

Q.2 What do you do outside of work to unwind?

A great uninterrupted strength training session always puts me in the right headspace for the day. But outside of work I love spending time with family and friends with a dram or three.

Q.3 What has been your favourite campaign?

My first big campaign with Hot Tin Roof was Crover’s grain surfing robot, with The National Robotarium. Apart from performing really well it gives me fond memories of great teamwork right from the outset, backed by a game changing client.

Q.4 What PR trends do you think will take off in 2024?

AI is an obvious one so I’m going to say authenticity. I think that companies and brands need to be far more transparent and authentic – with themselves and their audiences to get real cut through.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the amazing individuals who make Hot Tin Roof the purpose-driven powerhouse it is today! 💪✨

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