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Tin It Or Bin It – 22 July 2011 – Picture this…

With so many different social networking sites and photo applications you can literally have hundreds of images scattered across different platforms and websites.

This week we have discovered Pictarine, a website that gives you a way to pull together all your shots from Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc into one simple place. Genius.

Pictarine creates an album on your chosen service, with the title, description and specified privacy whilst maintaining third party site album structure. The site also allow users viewing access to their friend’s photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, meaning that Pictarine enables you to see nearly all of the photos your friends are posting to the web. Clever eh?

You can now share you private Flickr photos with a few Facebook friends or your Instagram photos with your Yahoo contacts (something that was unheard of before) using what Pictarine calls a ‘Zest’. When you create a Zest you choose photos from wherever they are and share them with anyone and everyone you want.

It has been available to the public since May this year and has already attracted 3,000 users. They have just updated their features this week to include Instagram and Twitter integration.

We think this is a great site that helps to pull together all your photos in one place. There is no denying it, Pictarine is a TIN IT.

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