RMD Power & Cooling appoints Gavin Maxwell as Managing Director

Demand for datacentre power and cooling products expected to rise steadily over next fewyearsRMD Power & Cooling has appointed Gavin Maxwell as its new Managing Director.With more than 14 years experience with the company in a variety of roles including salesmanager, office manager and operations director, Maxwell has played a key role in thedevelopment of RMD from a small electrical distributor to the UK’s leading independentsupplier of integrated power and cooling solutions for datacentres.Maxwell takes over from outgoing MD and owner of RMD Power and Cooling, JohnSmykala, who will continue to play a key leadership role in the company as BusinessDevelopment Director. As the market continues to expand, Smykala will now focus onopening up new business opportunities for the rapidly growing company.Gavin Maxwell says: “Thanks to John’s vision and hard work, I’m taking over a companythat’s in great shape with a bright future. Demand for our core products – power and coolingsystems – has increased steadily in recent years and all the indications suggest that this willcontinue throughout the rest of this decade.“Power outages and fluctuations are expected to increase in frequency over the next fewyears so many more organisations and businesses of all sizes are looking at installing orupgrading their own UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Likewise, we expect the coolingside of our business to grow even further as companies continue to upgrade, consolidate ormerge their aging datacentre operations.Maxwell continues: “I’ve gained an indepth overview of our business and our customersover the past 14 years so feel confident taking on the role of MD. My aim is to keep the shipsteady, continue with the same vision that has brought us success to date and to keep up-to-date with new technologies and solutions that can bring value to our customers. I enjoybeing customer-facing so I’ll be maintaining personal contact with our client base to ensurethat our products and services remain closely in tune with their business needs.”RMD Power & Cooling is based in Alloa, Scotland.

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