Science Fiction Holograms Become a Reality With New 3D Holographic Technology

Holoxica to unveil sci-fi style interactive holograph technology on TV’s The Gadget Show

Interactive 3D holographic displays, as featured in sci-fi films such as Star Wars, Minority Report and the upcoming Iron Man 3, have finally become a reality.

A new prototype technology created by Edinburgh-based firm Holoxica is to be unveiled on the Gadget Show, produced by North One Television for Channel 5 tonight. The show’s host, Jason Bradbury, describes Holoxica’s new display technology as “extraordinary” and says: “It’s not a movie; it’s not a comic book; the image is actually in thin air right in front of my face.”

Javid Khan Founder and Managing Director of Holoxica, says: “Our second-generation display prototype produces 3D images floating in mid-air that can be altered in real time and viewed without glasses. We added some interactivity via a Kinect motion interface, which allows people to ‘touch’ icons in space and to do things like draw in mid-air. We have written about ten simple apps for it so far, including a sketch pad, a pong game, a clock, a keypad and so on. The commercial potential of the technology is enormous.”

Holoxica is currently seeking further investment to improve the display by making a larger holographic screen to increase the image size, viewing angle and brightness. They want to make the holographic display available to developers who can write their own apps for it.

While the holographic technology has countless potential applications for Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) in the automotive, aerospace, construction, tourism, hospitality, arts and medical sectors, the technology’s creators realise that their breakthrough is likely to create a loud buzz among the world’s gaming community.

Khan continues : “Ever since Chewbacca played R2-D2 at holographic chess in the original Star Wars, gamers have longed for holographic 3D games to become a reality. Holoxica’s new display technology could well be the answer to their prayers.”

Holoxica will be showcasing the technology to the public at The Gadget Show Live! Event between 2-7th April 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham.

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