SocialBro Streamlines Brand Customer Engagement on Twitter

SocialBro, a platform for business users to manage, analyse and monetise their Twitter communities is launching Mention Helper today. The new feature allows community managers and marketers to quickly respond to and build relationships with high value followers and key influencers.

Used by brands like CBS, NASCAR, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Publicis, SocialBro is a powerful set of Twitter marketing tools that allow users to analyse data, track competitor activity and calculate the most effective time to tweet.

Mention Helper is the latest addition to SocialBro’s suite of tools and simplifies the process of thanking new followers, tweeting out lists of followers communities would benefit from following, and targeting specific followers. Such quick identification naturally leads to improved efficiency.

Powerful filters such as location, influence and gender can be applied to identify users more specifically. Once the desired users have been found, a tweet can be composed to engage with them. Mention Helper will stagger these tweets to be sent throughout the day ensuring that no one is missed. Tweets can be sent both as replies or mentions according to the privacy needs of the user.

Javier Buron, CEO and founder at SocialBro says: “Mention Helper simplifies and improves accuracy of responses and recommendations to members of your community. Drilling down through the data to find high value people to target, Mention Helper allows you to engage quickly helping the relationship to grow immediately.”

With 140 million active users, Twitter is an extremely powerful direct marketing tool when managed effectively. SocialBro is aimed at businesses wishing to use Twitter tactically as a strategic marketing channel and rapidly build a robust and highly visible social presence. It allows brands to increase their communities’ growth, save time and monetise their social contacts through data and actionable statistics.

As businesses become increasingly active on Twitter it has become critical to focus activity and resources effectively to deliver a clear return on investment and achieve strategic business objectives.

SocialBro is fully integrated with customer relationship management applications Salesforce and Nimble as well as social media management tool Hootsuite.

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