Socialbro Strengthens Twitter Analytics Toolset With Rule Builder

Twitter analytics platform SocialBro today launched Rule Builder, its latest tool for helping businesses maximise ROI for their social media activity by automating Twitter actions and better organising Twitter account management.

Automation of certain Twitter actions saves businesses time and leads to more effective engagement with their followers. By cutting down the time it takes businesses to review Twitter activity, Rule Builder allows users more time to nurture supporters and pursue those aspects of Twitter which really benefit from personal engagement.

Rule Builder works by allowing users to set up automatic rules to be executed when certain conditions are met. As well as saving users time, this boosts their responsiveness to interactions and makes their account management more efficient. One simple application is where new Twitter followers can be subject to an action (e.g. receive a welcome personalized DM based on criteria such as interests or demographics) as a result of Rule Builder ensuring important initial opportunities to engage are quickly seized upon.

However, selective automation naturally supports the desire to target and personalise Twitter communications. With Rule Builder, businesses can also use predetermined criteria to organise their followers and better personalise the interactions they experience with the business. For example, a user may be added automatically to a particular list if they retweet the business and if their profile demographic satisfies certain conditions. A follower in a particular geographic region could be given a ‘potential customer’ tag if their profile contains a keyword relating to the business’s brand. By categorising followers and engaging with them appropriately, businesses build more beneficial relationships within their community because the customer receives a more personalised online experience.

Javier Buron, CEO and founder of SocialBro, explains: “Automation is key for many successful marketing channels, and is therefore an extremely important aspect of the global solution offered by SocialBro that makes Twitter a valuable tool for business. Automation actually helps businesses avoid the cardinal sin of using twitter as a global megaphone by tailoring content and interactions and personalising the Twitter experience.”

Twitter has over 140 million users worldwide and with 340 million tweets per day, creates a large amount of noise above which businesses are trying to be heard. However, Twitter can be an effective marketing channel when managed effectively. SocialBro provides Twitter management and analysis, enabling businesses to better engage with audiences and grow their communities. SocialBro is fully integrated with customer relationship management applications Salesforce and Nimble as well as social media management tool Hootsuite.

Javier continues: “SocialBro offers businesses a powerful set of tools to enable them to monetise Twitter and rule Builder is a valuable addition. Saving time and boosting interaction with followers are no longer mutually exclusive – Rule Builder is a win-win tool for businesses when it comes to building loyalty among followers, and ultimately converting them to customers.”

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