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As Edinburgh-based specialists in tech PR, here at Hot Tin Roof we love all things tech related. With summer almost here, Edinburgh’s festivals are once again just round the corner. Navigating the endless listings could take you all summer, so, the helpful bunch that we are… we’ve delved in and here we share with you our pick of the best tech-related events of the festival 2018.

As part of their Freedom and Equality series of events, the Book Festival asks Can We Protect Our Personal Data? With citizens giving away their personal information online on a daily basis, and scandals like that of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica shaking the public’s trust in the guardians of data, this debate explores our online existence and asks whether we can ever really reclaim ownership of our own personal data. (11 August, 7.30pm)

Charlie Caper – Artifice Intelligence offers audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe a quite different angle on the subject of modern technology with a cross over of technology and magic – real robots meet high-tech wizardry. Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Magic Award in 2016, Charlie Caper is not to be missed and is suitable for audiences 8 years and up. (Various dates from 9-26 August)

Edinburgh Art Festival will examine how photography has been used to chart the technological innovations that met the growing desire to travel during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Images by prominent artists including Stieglitz and Buckham demonstrate the impact that transportation technology has had on society and how transportation technology is an ingrained part of our everyday lives. (On throughout the Art Festival, 26 July – 26 August)

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