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Tin It Or Bin It – Friday 29 April 2011 – Techie Goodies

This week we have been looking into the brand new launch of Living Techie, the ‘you-know-what-on’ for techies (their tag line, not ours). It is basically a Groupon for techies and hipsters, similar to AppSumo and and was created by TechCrunch writer Roi Carthy.

The daily deal email list goes out to people who have companies listed in Crunchbase, the free technology company database run by TechCrunch. People who receive Living Techie emails can then share them with other people via a special link.

Roi Carthy has said that they ‘purposefully built a club house for employees of the tech/start up industry but that once a deal is received it can be shared with anyone’. All this sounds great so far, however there are thousands of techies and early adopters that don’t work for a CrunchBase company and it seems a bit like another AppSumo. Roi Carthy as said that although similar, Living Techie is focused on actual retail products and not just on premium software and web services like AppSumo. Okay that clears that up, there is a difference…

Many of our clients are on Crunch Base so it will be interesting to see how this goes. If it becomes as successful as AppSumo then that would certainly be something.

So TIN IT OR BIN IT? As Living Techie has just launched and is in its early stages we can’t be too sure if this will stand apart from its competitors, however it will certainly be interesting to watch, and we all love a good deal don’t we? So we are going to TIN IT…for now at least.

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