Thomas Miller – Return to Hot Tin Roof

When we think of PR, most of us have an image of glitz, glamour and Prosecco. Ab Fab anyone?

As a young and naïve 15 year old, I wanted to find out for myself and went to work at PR agency Hot Tin Roof.

At the time I wasn’t entirely sure what would be expected of me. To be honest, I had a rather slim understanding of what public relations actually was.

Looking back (and from what I remember) I did enjoy myself and definitely got a taste of what actually goes on in a PR office.

Fast-forward five years, slightly older, slightly more responsible and it was time to return for more work experience.

My flexible timetable at university meant that I had a fair amount of free time on my hands. I went back to Hot Tin Roof to gain practical skills to help me with my future career.

Starting back at Hot Tin Roof has definitely fueled my passion for PR.

I have gained a greater insight into the day-to-day running of the office, and a much better understanding of the work involved.

In my first few weeks I spent time organising client coverage, sorting clippings from different news publications. This helped me understand how to get a client’s story into the news.

I also got to enhance my IT skills by updating the Hot Tin Roof website and now I am – without doubt – a Word Press whizz.

A couple of weeks in and my confidence growing, I was given the task of writing tweets for the precision manufacturing company Vert Rotors. Finding articles relating to space and robotics has sparked my interest in these hot topics. Who knew that robots could soon be cleaning our homes and delivering pizza?

The past months at Hot Tin Roof have been greatly enjoyable and I feel more comfortable finishing university. Equipped with the new found skills I have gained here, I’m ready for what the world of work has to throw at me.

It isn’t all Ab Fab, but with every day being different it is certainly more exciting than many other graduate jobs.

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