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Tin It Or Bin It – Friday 6 May 2011 – Video killed the radio star

This week we are looking at the video sharing app Socialcam, who have just launched a brand spanking new feature.

Socialcam has been described as ‘Instagram for video’ and was created by It is a video-sharing app that makes uploading videos to social networks easy as pie.

As of this week it is now available on the web, where users can view profiles featuring all user’s Socialcam videos, tag friends and see a list of which users they’re following on Socialcam. This feature has been previously available on Android and iPhone apps but this is new for the web and viewable to everyone, even non users.

Socialcam is focused on the social aspect of mobile video. Much like the photo application Instagram, Socialcam users can upload videos automatically, tag people in the video and share the video with friends across all social networks.

This video sharing app sounds great (easy upload, social network compatible and now available online) however like anything there is usually a drawback. With Socialcam it seems to be that they don’t seem to have any privacy features, so every video you upload is made public. The creators describe it as ‘the easiest way to share videos with friends’ but you could very well be sharing your videos with random strangers! Ahh!

So TIN IT OR BIN IT? We think this is a fun, easy to use application which will be loved by many, especially with the launch of the new feature this week. We say TIN IT.

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