Volunteer Centre Edinburgh embraces the digital age with help from CIVIC

Volunteering for people in Edinburgh came one step closer today with the launch of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh’s new interactive website designed by CIVIC.

The new website is an essential hub of information that enables those who want to volunteer to access information about the 600+ volunteering opportunities that are advertised in Edinburgh at any one time while increasing engagement with the public through digital media streaming and interactive features. The website is also filled with good practice guides, case studies and resources that will be of interest to people from all sectors.

The website has been developed by CIVIC, an independent creative digital communications agency with major experience in the public and private sector. Using “creative technology”, CIVIC blends design with cutting edge digital expertise in order to apply strategic branding thinking to websites with technical ability needed to make that thinking come to life.

Greig Tosh, Managing Director of CIVIC says “People are at the heart of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh so we’ve designed a site that brings members together through sharing, social media and the YouTube channel. We also enabled commenting on news stories to facilitate conversation with users”.

In 2009 Volunteer Centre Edinburgh had contact with 11,000 people who were given information and support to get involved in volunteering. There are hundreds of organisations that provide opportunities to volunteer in Edinburgh – including charities, schools, hospitals, the police and grass roots community organisations – and the volunteering sector is estimated to be worth over £90 million to Edinburgh’s economy and is ever increasing.

Paul Wilson, Depute Director of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh, says “People volunteer for a huge variety of reasons and many learn new valuable skills in return for giving their time and energy to volunteering. Since the recession we have see even more people come forward to volunteer, who are keen to develop personally and professionally whilst using their time to help out in their community.

“We’re incredibly pleased with the new website and the excellent work that CIVIC have done. We’ve already received excellent feedback from the public and from our peers. Our new website gives people a chance to become more integrated in the world of volunteering in Edinburgh by engaging in dialogue as well as accessing wide ranging information.

“Organisations that use volunteers now have resources at their fingertips to make it easier for them to develop new ways of involving volunteers in their work and making sure their organisation is a great place to volunteer.

To find out more information visit the new website at www.volunteeredinburgh.org.uk.

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