Aridhia provides platform and support for ground breaking NHS data exploration event

Data scientists from health informatics company Aridhia will be in London this week to provide expert advice and support at one of the largest collaborative NHS data exploration events ever held.

The Data Challenge Day, hosted by the Waltham Forest, East London and City integrated care pioneer site, aims to demonstrate the power of joined-up data and collaboration. Insights gained from the event will be shared with the contributing organisations leading to the delivery of better care pathways for patients in East London and more effective commissioning decisions.

Aridhia will also provide support through the deployment of AnalytiXagility, its cloud-based collaborative data science platform and safe haven. Scalable and secure, it is pre-loaded with the latest analytical tools and technologies to enable analysis of complex datasets in multi-disciplinary teams.

The challenge will link data from almost 200 NHS organisations, including GPs and hospitals, covering a third of London. The Aridhia data science team, consisting of eight highly experienced informatics experts, will work directly with analysts, clinicians, commissioners, and care providers, to undertake ‘hands on investigation’ of the data and identify previously unseen trends and stories.

Dr Andrew Judson, Director of Data Science at Aridhia, will lead the data science team.

He says: “Aridhia is excited to be involved in this ground-breaking event. We are committed to working with the NHS to bring siloed datasets together and with industry, academia and healthcare to develop the data science and informatics skills needed to unlock insights from these data sets. By doing this we hope to enable improved patient outcomes and better use of resources across the system. ”

Chris Roche, Aridhia’s Chief Commercial Officer, adds: “Aridhia is committed to translating research into clinical practice. We want to engage healthcare bodies in their transformational journey to become more predictive and wellness focused, and help diffuse informatics innovation into the NHS.”

All data used by the event has been carefully anonymised, so that although no patient can be identified it is still possible to draw real-world insights from the exercise. The Controllers of the data (eg GPs) have authorised the use of the secure AnalytiXagility safe haven environment for the event.

The collaborative project is made up of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest councils and clinical commissioning groups, Barts Health NHS Trust, North East London NHS Foundation Trust and East London NHS Foundation Trust, and the UCL Partners academic health science network. All the data for the event has been processed, linked and provided to the Aridhia platform on behalf of these organisations by NEL CSU.

Data Challenge Day will take place on Tuesday 9 September at the FARR Institute of Health Informatics Research.

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