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Tin It Or Bin It – 25 May 2012 – Klik

Face.com’s new facial recognition mobile app, Klik, has just launched out of Beta. ­Using Face.com technology, the app aims to automatically identify the faces of your friends before or after you take their photos.

And just how does it know who your nearest and dearest are? Well, to use the app you have to configure it with your Facebook account, and the facial recognition software analyses the faces in your photos and remembers the name associated with each tag.

This could take up to one full day, and Klik will only recognise the people you are friends with on Facebook.

If Klik can’t identify the person in the picture you can put it in “Learn Mode” to manually ID the face – if you continue to identify unknown faces and save them then the app’s ability to recognise those faces in future photos improves.

There are some great additions, like the Instagram-esque photo filters to give your snaps that creative edge. And, of course, you can share – on Facebook, Twitter, email and Klik itself. You can also check out friend’s photos and see the locations where those pics were taken.

But it’s the app’s ability to read your location and make use of that info which, coupled with the facial recognition technology, gives it a decidedly creepy feel, and raises privacy concerns.

And because of this Klik is a Bin It.

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