IF Water’s ripple effect

IF Water IF Water’s ripple effect “Access to safe drinking water is a global problem that is only getting harder as global warming, ageing infrastructure, industrial waste and modern contaminants gather pace.” Duncan Peters, founder of IF Water 175 Global hits 1.5M+ Est. views The Challenge When Hot Tin Roof heard about new game changing […]

Saving the world… with chewing gum…

Health and Care Technologies, Heriot-Watt University Saving the world… with chewing gum… It may sound far-fetched, but that’s exactly what our team at Hot Tin Roof helped Heriot-Watt University achieve with their innovative research! 475 Coverage hits 2M+ Est. views Challenge Heriot-Watt has created a global research institute for Health and Care Technologies, to turn […]

Shaping the future of robotics

The National Robotarium Launching a robotics revolution . The National Robotarium, a world-leading centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, aims to establish the UK as a global leader in robotics. Hot Tin Roof and its public affairs partner, PA Cooperative, were tasked with researching, writing and launching an ambitious policy document outlining a five-point plan […]

HIT(ting) the right notes

Hit Impact HIT(ting) the right notes. 168 Coverage hits 4.6M+ Est. coverage reach The challenge. Edinburgh-based start-up, HIT Ltd, has created ground-breaking tech to measure the force of head impacts in “gravity sports” like mountain biking. It is unquestionably tech for good but launching a product is always a challenge with journalists often viewing it […]

Teaching online safety through storytelling

The Bongles Teaching online safety through storytelling. Hot Tin Roof was engaged to promote the launch of The Bongles and The Crafty Crows, a world’s first illustrated book designed to teach 4-7 year olds about cybersecurity. Created by Story Learning in partnership with Education Scotland and the Scottish Government, the book aims to help equip […]

Launching a global robotics facility

National Robotarium Launching a global robotics facility. The National Robotarium, the world-leading centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, opened in September 2022. Our brief was to secure positive global coverage about the new facility and prompt enquiries. This launch needed a carefully considered approach and robust planning. 537 Media hits 1.09 billion Coverage reach Fail […]

Decoding diseases

DecodeME Decoding diseases. DecodeME is the world’s largest genetic study of ME/CFS. Our client wanted to gather genetic information from thousands of people to uncover causes and point towards effective treatment.  We got to work planning an effective launch campaign by targeting the right media with a powerful call-to-action.  200+ Coverage hits 19,000+ Sign ups […]

SSE Road to Renewables

SSE Energy Solutions SSE Road to Renewables. With COP26 likely to dominate the headlines, we wanted to secure high impact coverage for SSE Energy Solutions. But how could we cut through the noise of this global event? Our solution was a bus trip with a difference. 70% Increase in  SSE’s X followers (formerly Twitter) 19 […]

Tech in traditional industries

Heriot-Watt Enterprise Tech in traditional industries. An innovative story of a robotic sorting device designed by a leading researcher at Heriot-Watt University’s The Lyell Centre. Called Smartrawl, it releases or retains marine life according to a trawler’s intended catch. Hot Tin Roof was tasked with spreading the word about the impact this could have on preventing bycatch […]

Eyes in the skies

Aiber Eyes in the skies. Misdiagnosed medical emergencies can lead to commercial aircraft being unnecessarily diverted while in the air. When we were approached by Aiber to help promote their in-flight medical monitoring tech, designed to save lives and prevent diversions, we immediately got to work on an action plan. 12 Countries carried our coverage […]

Company creation

Converge Company creation. Converge, Scotland’s springboard for university founders, had three clear goals when they approached us to launch their 13th programme. One, raise applications to the programme. Two, encourage more applicants from three key regional areas of Scotland: the Highlands and Islands, Greater Glasgow and South of Scotland. Three, position Converge as a leading […]

Counting elephants from space

CivTech Counting elephants from space. CivTech is the world’s first government-run accelerator for digital public services. Hot Tin Roof sought the best way to highlight the opportunities available to CivTech companies and set out to share one of many amazing success stories of its alumni. This meant a busy PR campaign with multiple stakeholders and […]

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